General Videos

This is our go-kart production line building a small fleet of Talon go-karts for an existing customer in Florida.


Electric Eagle Go-karts at Bonne-Terre Fun Center in Missouri


The history of Wilsonville Family Fun Center with some fun fact about J&J and ABC.

Fun For the Whole Family


Take a lap on board an Electric Go-kart


Go-Karts at Coney Island


Bumper Boats at Coney Island


Go-Kart rail system impact, A

Go-Kart rail system impact, B

Take a lap on a J&J Eagle go-kart at Tons of Fun



Kartrol Information

Kartrol Usage & Installation, Chapters 1-6


Kartrol Usage & Installation, Chapters 7-16




Go-Kart Operations

Go-Kart Operations, Chapters 1-2


Go-Kart Operations, Chapters 3-4


Go-Kart Operations, Chapter 5



Go-Kart Pre-Ride Briefing

Go-Kart Pre-Ride Briefing



Go-Kart Maintenance

Go-Kart Maintenance, Chapters 1-2


Go-Kart Maintenance, Chapters 3-4


Go-Kart Maintenance, Chapters 5-6



Bumper Boat Operations

Bumper Boat Operations, Chapters 1-2


Bumper Boat Operations, Chapters 3-4



Bumper Boat Maintenance

Bumper Boat Maintenance, Chapters 1-2


Bumper Boat Maintenance, Chapters 3-4


Bumper Boat Maintenance, Chapters 5-6