Service/Safety Bulletins

Service/Safety Bulletins

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Bearing Installation (Lock-Ring Style)
10-20-2008, spanner wrench usage

Body Seal Kit
09-16-1996, Update 2
08-28-1998, Update 3

Brake Caliper Update

Dressing Keys & Deburring Keyways

Frame Update
Enlarged hole for brake line (08-01-1995)

Fuel Tank
Expansion (06-01-1995)
Vent Plugged (06-23-1995)

Vent Cap (02-01-1995)
2.2gal Heat Shield (10-24-1995)
2.2gal Heat Shield (10-23-1997)
Throttle Arm Interference (06-01-1995)

Bracket, 8hp & 9hp (10-01-1998)
Deflector, 5.5hp (08-01-1995)
Shield & Guard, F16 (06-12-1998)

Electric Bumper Boat Service Bulletins
3 blade prop installation (01-23-03)
EBB Kartrol Installation
Flojet check valve replacement (01-05-05)
Prop guard replacement (01-05-05)
Solid State relay Installation (01-05-05)
Supertube Valve replacement (01-05-05)
Solid State switch replacement (01-05-05)
18volt wire update NS (12-30-03)
Express Fill installation (05-24-04)
Gearbox Inspection/Rebuild (01-05-05)
SB-50 Connector installation (11-08-00)
Solid State switch installation (02-01-03)
Steering Bushing replacement (01-05-05)
Capacitor removal (12-30-03) (picture)
Flex Wire II installation
Hour meter installation (08-02-02)
SB-120 Terminal solder (01-05-05)
18v Wire Schematic
Squirter installation
Flex Wire replacement (01-05-05)
Leeson motor brush replacement (01-05-05)
Slip-ring installation (06-20-01)
Squirt Pump brush replacement (01-05-05)
Whale Pump conversion (05-27-04)
Squirt Pump (01-22-01)
Drive Shaft replacement (01-05-05)
Flex Wire conversion (01-05-04)
Motor disassebly (01-05-05)
Solenoid installation (03-01-01)

Remote Fly By Wire

Steering Shaft
Spacer & Plate (04-29-1993)

Throttle Cable
Adjustment (10-30-2000)

Tires, Tube Sizes, Bigfoot

Wheel Bearing
Packing (10-27-2000)

Rules & Regulations (01-01-1995)

Cowling (02-26-1996)
Hinge Mount (03-11-1996)
Roof Hinge Crack (01-15-1995)
Trim (02-09-96)

Safety Issue

11KARTHAIR Safety Alert 5-16-2011
11KARTHAIRBODY Notification 5-16-2011
Long Hair (09-29-1994)
Long Hair (08-01-2008)

After years of producing safety alerts, warning signs, newletter articles and other literature we have produced the following graphical warning.

Long Hair Warning Sign Artwork

We recommend that such signage be placed in readable locations in and around your go-kart pit area/queing line.

Seatback bending issues
Seatback Reinforcement Kit