Maintenance Videos

Maintenance Videos

Available from J&J are these professionally produced video DVDs. From Go-kart "Pre-ride" briefing" for your customers to Operations and Maintenance procedures for your employees.

For your go-kart track:

Go-Kart Operations Chapters 1-2


Go-Kart Operations Chapters 3-4


Go-Kart Operations Chapter 5


Pre-Ride Briefing


Go-Kart Maintenance Chapters 1-2


Go-Kart Maintenance Chapters 3-4


Go-Kart Maintenance Chapters 5-6


For your bumperboat pond:

Bumper Boat Operations Chapters 1-2


Bumper Boat Operations Chapters 3-4


Bumper Boat Maintenance Chapters 1-2


Bumper Boat Maintenance Chapters 3-4


Bumper Boat Maintenance Chapters 5-6


And there's more...

  • Bumperboat Opening Procedures
  • How to operate your bumperboats

    These videos are an invaluable item for both new and existing go-kart and bumperboat owners.Maintenance Video