F-22 go-karts

Taking cues from our most popular go-kart models; the Eagle and the Scorpion, the F-22 has it all. Low bodylines to enhance the feeling of speed for the guest with the body to add exciting graphics or advertizing.

The F-22 body allows maintenance to be performed without having to remove the body to save you time. All moving parts are covered and guarded to reduce risk of exposure. Easy to get into and out of to increase revenue. The stylish body looks fast while it is sitting still.

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Thinking about adding go-karts or bumper boats to your entertainment facilty? Find out why J&J manufactures the best in the world!

J&J Amusements manufactures the highest quality, best performing go karts & bumper boats in the concession/rental industry. Our products can be found worldwide in parks such as 6 Flags International, Paramount Theme Parks, to many regional operations such as Bullwinkles Family Fun Centers and other small and medium and large amusement centers. You can find our products in stand alone operations in many cities around the globe. In fact, these small operations make up the bulk of our customer base.

So why do all these entertainment business's use J&J products? There are multiple answers to this question.

1. We build them tough to withstand the constant rigors of concession go-kart/rental use.
2. We are constantly evolving our products to better serve the industry.
3. We stand behind our products with the industries best warranty.
4. Our Service Technician performs an on-site setup and training for your personnel.
5. Our 37,000 sq foot facility houses the greatest go cart parts inventory of anyone in the business so we can get you the parts you need fast.
6. We build both gas and electric powered go-carts & bumper boats for indoor and outdoor use.
7. Quite simply, our go karts and bumper boats are made to operate in a brutal environment, to withstand the daily abuse and miss-use of this industry, and at the end of the day, provide the highest return on investment (ROI).
8. We have the most happy, repeat customers out of any go-kart/bumper boat manufacturer.

So, if you're just starting out in the industry or are looking to add go karts and/or bumper boats to your existing entertainment center, give us call, talk to our highly qualified staff and get the answers you need to make the best, most informed decision for your business.

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